Full name

Zan Levine


Artist and Teacher


San Francisco, CA


Artist Bio
Zan Levine is a multimedia artist specializing in ceramics, printmaking, and most recently weaving. Levine spent her college age years in Santa Cruz; Missoula, Montana; Los Angeles; and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Levine has an art studio located in San Francisco's Mission District at Redbrick Studios where she shares workspace with 22 artists. Levine’s work has been shown regionally in group and solo shows since 2001.

Artist Statement
Inspiration from poems, a classic method of communication, entertainment and learning, is where my journey began. I have been making a series of formative and self-reflective ceramic books using mid-fire Dixon sculpture clay. The Dixon clay body is earthy, with a dark, rich, red color, and has a vintage feel to it after I apply muted underglazes; the clay is a subtly pertinent part of the equation in my work because it inserts meaning through its dramatic and antiqued appearance, adding another layer of meaning to each piece.

Notions of mis-communication in rhetoric and human interaction serve as a main focus for the narratives that emerge in this body of work. Using found quotes that have been misinterpreted when translated into English, I playfully and subtly relate text to imagery. Predominantly engaged with questioning how the meaning of the written word is seen ultimately as the truth, another focus is exposing how we see the world through our own lens, and revealing parallels found in human intention and language. By juxtaposing imagery with text, my aim is to guide the viewer through a conundrum that poetically questions fact from fiction, inadvertently revealing the true meaning of the translation.

Commonly intertwining nautical imagery in my pieces such as boats, anchors and sea-life, my intention is to evoke peregrinations and the passage of time. Therein, the ebb and flow of the sea can be scientifically measured just as easily as it can be mysteriously fathomed; a convergence that further describes my work.


ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, weaving, teaching